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International Travel Tips for Women

Uta Staley

An avid international traveler, Uta Staley shares her experience with others as a travel professional. Uta Staley has worked in the industry for a quarter century and has an in-depth understanding of travel safety for women.

In terms of health, safety, and interpersonal communications, the travel experience of a woman can be quite different than that of a man. To begin, the role of women in society can differ greatly from one culture to another. Certain behaviors or styles of dress, perfectly acceptable in a traveler's own country, may be risky or even illegal in another. For this reason, experts recommend that a female traveler research the laws and customs of her travel destination. Books and other publications on these topics may be particularly useful if targeted specifically toward women.
Travel experts also recommend that the female traveler present an attitude of confidence and security. By studying maps and becoming acclimated before exploring, a traveler attracts less attention from potential predators. Women travelers tend to be safest in small hotels in public areas and in only licensed taxicabs or private cars, provided all doors remain locked during travel.

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