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Art Institute of Chicago Exhibition to Honor Japan's Provoke Magazine

Uta Staley

Now retired, Uta Staley worked in the travel sales industry for 25 years. Uta Staley maintains membership in various museums and organizations in Chicago, including the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Art Institute of Chicago is preparing for a new exhibit that will showcase and celebrate the short-lived but influential Tokyo photography magazine Provoke.

During the late 1960s, Provoke magazine used art photography to encapsulate post-war Japan’s political protests and cultural criticism. The three-issue magazine, which became a movement in itself, drew connections between political protest of the era, photography, and performance art.

The traveling exhibition’s only North American stop at the Art Institute of Chicago draws on the museum’s existing collection of postwar Japanese art, with over 60 percent of the exhibition's items belonging to the institute. Accompanying the exhibition is a 700-page book that will feature all three issues of Provoke, as well as a number of other interviews, book excerpts, photographs, and writings from the period.

The exhibition, officially named Provoke: Photography in Japan between Protest and Performance, 1960-1975, will debut at the Art Institute of Chicago on January 28th, 2017 and run until the end of April.


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